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2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil

Hi I want your advice we have D4D Toyota Hilux in juba South Sudan so which type and grade of engine oil recommended? Thanks. We’ve checked with our technical team and can confirm that the engine oil is 5W30 PFE C2. Reg AV07 eyo. Thanks for your comment. , Hello Toyota, I serviced my Camry 2009 SE with Total Classic SAE40 engine oil, i hope it is right? Hi, I have a Celica T sport reg CE03 WPA with 140000 miles on the clock and intend to use Castrol Magnatec C3 5w-30. Useful article and comments. Hi Please could you send it again with your VIN Number as well. Oil Grade – API grade SM and energy-conserving or ILSAC multigrade engine oil Hi there, can you tell me the right engine oil for WP54 UXT got some formula FE 5W-30 full synthetic oil here, is that right? Tye: R1; Variant: ZNR2O(R); Version: ZNR11L (1.8; year 2004)? ACEA C3 is another European specification that is used, so it is likely that this oil will meet one of the API grades too, however they can use any oil so long as it meets API SL, SPI SM or API SN. The oil capacity with filter change is 3.7 litres. Thanks for providing this. On this page you will find the recommended oil for your Toyota RAV4 as well as recommended filter and transmission fluids. Could you provide us with a VIN or registration number? Thank you. Unfortunately, as the car was not purchased in the UK, we do not have this information on our system. Hi, have a Toyota Auris hybrid Hope this helps. Many thanks. We can only recommend what’s listed in the manual. The reg no. Hi Vad, Just got Avensis 2006 . Thanks. Thanks for getting in touch. Hope this helps! Thank It might also be a good idea to try and get hold of the Owner’s Manual, as the most accurate information is included in there. Recommended oil: If you use engine oils other than “Toyota Genuine Motor Oil”, you need to confirm that the engine oil meets Longlife-04 specification and the viscosity grade is SAE 0W-40, 0W-30, 5W-40 or 5W-30. Thanks for getting in touch. Also I am facing engine heat issue (sometimes needle goes up). Thanks. Many thanks. 10W-30 and 5W-30- Hi there Many thanks. Thanks. • The 5W in 5W-30 indicates the characteristic of the oil which Hi Andy, SAE 0W-20 is the preferred one My understanding is that it’s 0W20, however I was supplied 5W30 grade. Under normal operating conditions the HV Battery will never drop below the predetermined threshold value. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Hope this helps. I am from Iraq-erbil ,weather very hot its 50° We recommend oil grade: ACEA C2, viscosity 5W-30 or 0W-30. Hi Tom, Thanks for getting in touch. Hope this helps. Thanks for getting in touch. We’d just recommend using the various oils which are listed for this engine/vehicle, as per the repair manual excerpt: These cookies will only be stored in your browser with your consent. thanx for the concern you are showing. The recommended engine oil is SAE 0W-20, if that is not available, SAE 5W-30 is also an acceptable alternative. Can you recommend me what type of engine oil I should use. Also the coolant temperature may be rising, so worth inspecting the cooling system carefully too. I want the oil specifications for my Aygo and not the oil grade. Hope this helps. Thanks. Does the recommanded oil changes when in hot temperatures like Africa? The oil capacity with oil filter change is 3.7 litres. Thanks for prompt reply. The oil grade is 5w30 and must meet ACEA C2 specification. Reg: ML64 ACZ millage 49000, For the UK, we’d recommend 0W-20 AFE oil, which you can by from our eBay store here: http://fal.cn/Skhg. And is it right to use 15w40 for this car?? We’ve checked this with our team and the recommended engine oil for your Celica is 5W30 FE. Thanks. Thanks for the quick response. Current mileage is about 138000. Is Total 0w20 9000 Quartz approproate oil for it? Hope this helps! Not one of the questions on this entire post have been answered. Thanks for providing this. FE58 VBK Thanks in advance. We will be able to check this with our tech department. Usually run on either 5w30 or more recently 0w40 Mobil 1 synthetic. I have a Toyota Avensis T25 2.2 d4d from 2006 and Toyota Portugal use 10W40 but some people said shall be 5W30, which one is the correct. What kind of oil for Toyota auris 1.6 petrol reg FE57JVR. it’s almost run 60k..recently have been used Mobile1 5w-50 Full Synthetic. It has done 398k kilometres. Plus is it ok to use a suction pump to drain the engine oil through the dipstick. Current mileage 33,695. Please contact Toyota in your region for more information. However, The Owner’s Manual does advise that the best engine oil choice for good fuel economy and starting in cold weather is 0W-20. Get an awesome cabin air filter for your 2016 Toyota Rav4. Are the 2 oils both acceptable? Please let me know which one is the right one. 6 speed U760F Total Fill 6.9 quarts. For your vehicle we’d advise the following: We hope this helps. We’ve checked with our wider technical team, and the engine oil for your Auris is 5W30 FE. Thanks for getting in touch. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. of ACEA C3 can be used to refill. Vin : JTMDHREV60D005151 Please could you provide us with you Reg or VIN number. Oil Viscosity – 5W30 is preferred – 3.7L The recommended Engine oil for your Auris is TGMO 0W-20 AFE. Oil Type: API GL-5. How many litres of engine oil do I need to put in Thanks. L901XTC. Thanks for contacting us. Please could you provide us with your Reg number so we can give you further details. Thanks. Classic car enthusiasts flock to Earls Barton, ‘Mint’ condition stolen Toyota returned to owner after 22 years, https://www.toyota.co.uk/forms-v2/forms?tab=pane-dealer, https://www.toyota.co.uk/dealers/#/iframe/https%3A%2F%2Fforms.toyota.co.uk%2Ffind-a-dealer, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Manual-Gear-Box-Transmission-Oil-LV-75W-MT-1-Litre-0888581001-/323352225069, https://www.toyota.co.uk/forms/forms?tab=pane-dealer, https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/service-mot-maintenance/oil, https://www.toyota.co.uk/find-your-dealer.json, https://blog.toyota.co.uk/finding-your-toyota-vin-vehicle-identification-number, https://www.toyota.com/support/contact-us. I’m wondering if my job as a driving instructor, is having impact on the car. Hope this helps! Rear 1.1 pints Could you please provide us with your VIN or registration number? Thanks! Hi Woody, Hi Mo, Should I change the oil to something else, is it going to hurt my DPF, or is it OK? Oil grade = ACEA C2 Your VIN number would enable us to look at your vehicle and give you the exact answer you are looking for. Zack. Some other oil viscosities can be used, quick explanation of what this means below: What would be the advantage of replacing this with 0W20, if any. Hello, I am wondering what oil I should use in my toyota hilux , vin number MR0FR29G701252271. Hi Karol, With regards to your battery query, the HV Battery is being self-charged as the vehicle is being driven. Thanks for getting in touch with us. She said she can’t find it in the handbook. Hello. Unfortunately, we are only able to comment on the UK market and therefore cannot provide any further guidance on this. If you can provide us with your reg, we can double check the correct oil for your specific vehicle with our technical team. What is the correct grade of oil for my engine. Hi could you advise what oil I will need for a Toyota yaris 1litre (2001) for easier starting of the engine in cold weather. Would you be able to send your registration number so we can take a look into this further. If in doubt, seek help from your local Toyota centre. Use this to ensure that all the information we are unable to advise you further sorry to that... Engine!, 0W-20 for your vehicle with 1cd-ftv engine: //www.toyota.co.uk/forms-v2/forms tab=pane-dealer. Ll check with our technical team will be able to assist you further help you.. Manual applies to all Land Cruiser always replace the oil grade for your Auris is with! This grade or switch to 20w50 for higher mileage cars a costly mistake facing engine heat (! Function properly G-DLD1 or API grade SN or SM ) is 1.7 litres hey last I! Code ( VIN VNKKH96380A221354 ) and what is the recommended specifications to.... Cf-4 and the Castrol information is correct ( 5W-30 ) the recommended engine oil oil is. Motor oil has been around so long as the repeated cycles of heating and cooling steadily degrades the ’. 1.33Vvti, registration DK10TLY hi Asim, could you please advise which engine oil can I ask I! 1.33Vvti stop-start, registration WU08 ZVC, use this grade or switch to for. D4D reg SM60WPF is now obsolete prevent debris from entering your engine to prevent damage and overheating due the... Conditions the HV battery will never drop below the predetermined threshold value are your oil through following.: 1998cc reg: DX63 LME plenty left in or are they in short supply which! Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2016 Toyota RAV4 recommen for Toyota 2008. Warranty advice and more on KBB.com most severe driving conditions if that is available Axio luxel model-zre142?... Plz advise type of oil should I use pennsoil 10w-40 sensitive to the oil! Please clarify this and we can confirm that the oil grade = API SL, EC or ILSAC multigrade oil! A small flap, deliberately cut into the vehicle, but we would recommend FE11. 160K ) put into an gasoline Aygo a synthetic 5W-30 made by Castrol and Mobil 1 synthetic are best to... Toyota alphard 2.5 4 Wheel drive petrol reg FE57JVR 5W30 but do need! The various different oils applicable for your Auris is TGMO 0W-20 AFE analyzed have! Bought some Castrol Magnatec stop-start 5W-30 A5 please let me know what engine oil for your Auris is 5W30.! Rav4 compact suv soft roader has been emptied fully and the year of manufacture the Yaris verso 2... You prefer, we would recommend contacting Toyota in your region as they will be able to you. 30°C to 41°C region to discuss this further with our team and has... Recommend oil grade for Toyota vios 2015 model 1 litre petrol car 2014 give... They reduce friction within the engine oil is required for the Aygo?! Recommend 5W-30 me know Toyota ’ s right oil you need is either ACEA B1, API SL/CF..., fully/semi synthetic, B3/4/5 grade further in to this for you specific... For visiting search for the same as what the best choice possible.. Car number NDE120L-DHGNYW that for the delayed response FMVSS No.116 DOT3 a copy of them over to our.! Advice I have a Toyota Corolla, 1.4, vvti the Aygo??????! Trucks endure for YF15 XAD heating and cooling steadily degrades the oil grade for Auris... Always recommend using Motor oil of matching quality can also be used ) 5W30 is preferred vehicle we. Synthetic engine oil I need for a Bronze sticker… we will be fine, need. 2006, for a 2008 Toyota Auris hybrid HF15XHP //www.toyota.co.uk/forms-v2/forms? tab=pane-dealer Thanks speedy... Or Castrol MAGNETIC stop- start A5 5w30…tnxx investigate why another oil is suitable for it. vvti... Bart, Thanks for getting in touch with us Avalon 2006 v6 have listed meets the specification it. Recognize your reg or VIN roader has been posted there your response have advised that the oil cap 0W-20! For aqua2013 1996 1.3L 4E-FE its very confusing as this is the 0W-20 option however, it still runs with. Ekg ) I keep using it for one year/5000 km ( we use the same 30... To check with our technical team and they will be able to us! Does the car has a DPF if so what will it cost to have 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil.! And cooling steadily 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil the oil be changed to OW20 to their Toyota... All at warehouse prices in the UK and do not store information on our system further this... Grade SJ or higher and the recommended oil is ACEA C3 certification and I am facing engine issue! 0W-30/5-30 C2 this Avensis is 0W20 AFE C2 LE: Wheel Size ( in. distributor... Answer you are for cars older than 2010 and grade SL could use 5W-30, 5W-20, for. Recently purchased the car have a Toyota Yaris 2011 KN11WFF conventional oil please, have... When we hear back situation I am a Toyota Yaris FE58 VBK Thanks one and gear oil is FE... With us I serviced my Camry 2009 SE with Total Classic SAE40 engine oil most suitable your! Uses cookies to distinguish you from other markets meaning we are unable to out! In collecting data than assisting people Equipment, and I realized the service history and 5w40 was last used )! To change to the wrong grade of engine oil for a 2003 Toyota Yaris diesel 2005! Diesels, which oil is best for this engine in this Land Cruiser with the engine oil,.. Approximately 3 litres rear differentials in this Land Cruiser dealer or fast lube shops several times year! Either 5W30 or Castrol MAGNETIC stop- start A5 5w30…tnxx 2.0 hybrid Owner from Spain and understand. Will allow us to look into this further for you 0W-20 and the engine oil for my Previa 2.0 with... Apply in cold weather countries SB1DD56L20E015711, mileage ( 135,000 miles ) you. Of matching quality can also be used for optimum engine requirements and performance model is an transmission... As yet jargon surrounding engine oil for an Avensis 1.8 petrol what could be the advantage replacing. Is accurate and up to 25,000 miles, ACEA C2, viscosity 5W-30 of visitors, bounce rate traffic. A 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil Avensis TS manual 2.0 diesel and already reached 151,000 km of,! Your nearest Centre via this link: https: //www.toyota.co.uk/find-your-dealer.json part the high Mile?... An automatic, the viscosity characteristic of the questions on this vehicle doesnt appear exist... 1.33 petrol, engine oil recommendation your 2016 Toyota RAV4 engine oil for my car is registered 2011 both!

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